~TAO Family&Friends COP~

A Social Club is where members of exclusive societies gather to hang around and chat about common interests and goals. What goes on behind these walls is... only for the initiated!

Basic Info

Locale Type: Social Club
City: Copenhagen
City Zone: Christiania (Slum)
Management: ~TAO Family&Friends~
Quality: 0
Condition: perfect
Cash: (5,857.20) M$
Power Capacity: 1000 W

Note from the Management

Welcome to ~TAO Family&Friends~ in Copenhagen.

T = Thorskär (Emelie got the feather... :D)
A = Andersson (Jonatan)
O = Oskarsson (Jessica - related in another life)
New Chieftain 12/10-07: Jessica Oskarsson

All for one - and one for all. :)
Not taking new members!
Employees at ~TAO~ must be local.