Welcome to Popmundo

Popmundo is an online role-playing game and community where the players strive for fame in a virtual music industry.

You start the game as a complete nobody with nothing but your hopes and dreams. You can practice your music, play a few gigs, and begin to build a fanbase. Play your cards right and you'll soon be touring the world, cutting chart-topping records, and leaving a wake of tantalizing scandals behind you!

The game is played in real time and the game keeps on going even when you're not logged in. Success in the game is determined by careful strategy and good timing, not by constant online presence. It's perfectly possible to be successful in the game by logging in a couple of times a week to check up on things.

Popmundo is free of charge and no downloads are necessary to play it. If you can read this you're good to go.

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Latest Community News

This Week in Real Life #33
Server time4/25/2019

Sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll. Steven Tyler says take out the drugs and you've got more time for the other two. Mick Jagger is old and says you need the drugs for the other two. It's a complicated affair and the truth of the matter is that drugs are bad for you mkay. Just say no.

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The Winners Of The Four Horsemen Of The Popmundo!
Server time4/24/2019

The Hell Train finally arrived at the end station. After four challenging competitions, the Four Horsemen of The Popmundo emerge victorious:

1st Level winner: Avalanche
2nd Level winner: Sonohra
3rd Level winner: Nacht der Untoten
4th Level winner: Head Traffic

Congratulations to all of you!

This Week in Real Life #32
Server time4/18/2019

Spring is finally here and the Easter bunny is about to make its annual appearance any day now. It's been a somewhat slow week with one dev off doing crazy stuff on a snow covered mountain with a piece of wood strapped to his feet. And as tradition has it: when the cat's away the mice will play!

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