P. Bastard

P. is 18 years old. He is the Electric Guitarist of Bastardization. P. is also known as "Jester". P. is located in Amsterdam at Amsterdam Airspace.

P. likes to exercise at the gym during off hours and is trying to talk to media in order to get ahead professionally.

Now she's making out with goudas backstage... that woman, a glutton.

Attitude Fabulous
State Traveling
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Editor Recruitment & Dating Extravaganza

What do recruitments and dating have in common?


You thought I was going for a joke? Actually, no idea. Hoping someone would give me a clean version of what I'm thinking. I know that at the end of both, someone might get fucked! *whistles innocently*

Nah nah! The Insider is hiring! English editions need some fresh blood like the Rolling Stones need another embalmment procedure.

Got what it takes? Are you familiar with words? Get all murdery like when someone writes "Your" instead of "You're"? Your preeetty annoyed maybe even stabby when you see run on sentences without punctuation columns colons and other interesting grammatic and other linguistic things that revolve around language literacy and and and and other things for example your obsessive in thinking that you need to break up the kelbasas of text running forever n ever???11 LOL

Woah! That twitchy eye and OCD... I mean, enthusiasm, is exactly what we need! Check it out here and apply: 2340435.1


Eeerebody knows, Melbourne is the best city ever. We're pretentious, special, high brow and barely normal. Yes, this is how we comfort ourselves on the topic - why do people hate us! It's also pretty much essential that we attempt to separate ourselves from all you plebs. It's in our blood to be special, progressive and... alternative?

Speaking of alternative, check it out here 2340415.1. You may notice that the G-Man is a proper shit stirrer! (who said that? Not me!)

It's a fun thing to do, and the only reasonable solution. It's about having fun and meeting new people.... or so I heard! Go on now. Apply.

Posted 11/23/2020, 9:00 AM

All characters in Popmundo are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.

Prominent Clothes & Tattoos

  • Right foot
    сʜаıɴєԁ ѡıтʜ ıɴѕаɴıтʏ
  • Lower back
    [left buttcheek] є✗-сoɴ
  • Right ankle
    ʙʏ ԁємoɴѕ ʙє ԁʀıνєɴ
  • Right leg
    [thigh] Ʈʜɛ υɴғυскаʙʟɛ
  • Left leg
    [glans] ѕρʀıтƶ мѧѕсʜıɴє
  • Right leg
    [cock] тʀoυʙʟє мѧɢɴєт
  • Right buttocks
    ʙаԁ аѕѕ
  • Left wrist
    ѕаıɴт ρʜɪʟ
  • Left arm
    [tricep] ʀєaʟ ʀoскɴʀoʟʟа
  • Chest
    ԁʀυɴкєɴ ʟаƶʏ ʙаѕтаʀԁ
  • Right arm
    Lυскʏ сʜаʀʍѕ
  • Right shoulder
  • Left arm
    [vein] ıɴѕєʀт ԁоρє ʜєʀє
  • Right wrist
    ʙєʏоɴԁ є✗тʀємɪѕт
  • Upper back
    [down spine] Ʈʜɛ ʙʏʀoɴɪс ʜєʀo
  • Upper back
    тʀυѕт ɴo oɴє
  • Chest
    Lυскʏ [clover]
  • Right hand
    Ʈʜɛ ρıєԁ ρıρєʀ oғ сʀаƶıєѕ
  • Left leg
    [side] Dєѧԁ мѧɴ ѡѧʟкıɴɢ
  • Left hand
    Gıммє Soмє Moʀє!

Note: Tattoos might be covered by clothing.