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P. is 25 years old. She is a member of London Royals - PVL. P. is located in Milan at The Beetlejuice Club II.

P. likes to exercise at the gym during off hours and is trying to do nothing in order to get ahead professionally.

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Y101 - LB&Eton Volleyball # Finals #

Here I am Kids!!!

ok ok we had some problems to play the second game of our third match BUT we did it so now we can see which team won the last game and which one won the cup for this year.
Are you all ready? Let's do it!

Here they are the scores fo the third match:

M3 G1 -> Blake (11) & Ariel (10) won over Amy (5) & Annie (8) with a score of 21 - 13.
M3 G2 -> Skye (9) & Amy won over Damon (4) & Adéle (3) with a score of 21 - 7.
M3 G3 -> Roman (8) & Marchela (13) won over Chloe (5) & Kimberly (11) with a score of 21 - 16.

Sand Blasters won over London Spikers with a total score of 55-44

MVP of the match -> Blake & Kimberly [LS] with their 11 points scored each and Marchela [SB] with her 13 points scored

Because of this result and all the others before we can say that the winning team for this year is.... *drum rolls* London Spikers!!! But ehy let's see the final score: 159 vs 158! They won just for a point kids
It means that you ALL are amazing and I'm so proud of all of you!

the last thing to check is the MVP of the whole year so let's have a look at it:

Sand Blasters
#7 Roos Ahlen 8+8+0=16
#12 Skye Devillard 8+7+9=24
#22 Annie Slater 10+10+8=28
#43 Amy Sinclair 8+2+5=15
#97 Roman McCarthy 11+12+8=31
Marchela Lanaway 11+0+13=24

London Spikers
#1 Chloe Sinclair 7+11+5=23
#3 Damon Morabito 14+12+4=30
#15 Ariel Slater 9+9+10=28
#18 Kimberly Connor 7+10+11=28
#23 Blake Hawk 7+6+11=24
Adéle Burrows 14+9+3=26

As you all can see our MVP for the whole year are Roman and Damon! Congratulation boys!

I'd like to say thank you and a very good luck to the kids who's moving to the upper class next year: Ariel, Damon and Skye.
That's all kids, enjoy your holiday and hope to see you next year!

ps. Medals on their way

Posted 6/15/2018, 5:00 PM

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