L. Choi

L. is 20 years old. She is the Hacker of Bite'em, yummi!. L. is also known as "nightingale". L. is located in London at Lavender Lane.

L. likes to go for a walk during off hours and is trying to recon location in order to get ahead professionally.

guardian of Bear's honey 🍯

Background & Miscellaneous

This page contains basic personal information and brief historical background on this character, as well as some miscellaneous current information. Note that the information on this page has nothing to do with the player in control of this character.

Character Trivia

❉ free-spirit, wild and aloof;
❉ ambitious, determined, unwavering;
❉ born a fighter, will set a goal and achieve it;
❉ will win all battles. doesn't always mean she'll enjoy it.
❉ spark the fire, fan the flames;
❉ loyal, would rather kill you than betray you;
❉ grows pretty flowers and demons in her back yard;
❉ there's no heaven, hell, or place in between her drugs can't take you to;
❉ a treasure to be with. stingy with her attention.

Personal Data

L. was born in Helsinki. Her mother is K. Svarva. Her father is G. Nightingale.

L. entered this world on Server time1/8/2011.

Next Birthday: Server time12/26/2020

Gender: Female

L. is a resident of Tromsø.

L. is a member of the following social clubs: North Node

L.'s The Great Heist Personal ID is 2630476.