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This Week in Real Life #20
Server time1/17/2019

We're back! Actually, we've been back for some time already, we just didn't have anything important to "twirl" about until now. Daily support and database maintenance makes for dull reading trust us. And like most of you already know, we're never really gone anyhow. Even if we're all officially on vacation, we always have a rotating responsibility between us devs to check out the game every day.

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This Week in Real Life #19
Server time12/20/2018

This week we tweaked the way we score your performances in major competitions such as the Big Bang and the Popmundo Festival. The goal of the tweak isn't to alter any tactics or to increase or lower the show ratings. The goal of the change is to make the outcome of these important shows more predictable in the eyes of the players. We promise you won't notice anything different so you can climb back up on your chair now, but for the sake of transparency we're still telling you about it.

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This Week in Real Life #18
Server time12/13/2018

Christmas is approaching at breakneck speed up here in the north and while we're still busy working on the game we can't help but feeling a little stressed out about all the things we need to prepare IRL for the holidays. If you don't plan these things properly it's a fair chance the most wonderful time of the year turns into the most stressful time of the year. Unless you're like the Grinch, or a certain grumpy old developer, then it's all just hogwash anyhow!

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