the Midlands - Clubs 74 05.03

This is a privately owned company. It's entirely controlled by the shareholders and the shareholder they've appointed company president.

Note from the Management

Welcome to Club 74 MR club chain. For any questions contact Johannes. Hablo español gravemente. Ik spreek een beetje nederlands. Гаварю па-русски

All clubs are checked daily.

If your rider is reasonable, we will pay at our expense. If the rider is too big, then you pay for it yourself by buying alcoholic shots in our bars. Feel free to do this.

The Midlands ~ In memoriam to the owner of the chain: Chris Varnhagen ~ RIP

Company Information
Company Type Private
President J. de Roode
Registered in Tokyo
Cash 100,171,871.70 M$
Created 9/17/2009
Next Meeting 3/8/2021