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And the 24 karat golden microphone goes to...
Server time2/25/2021

Right after the festival, she came on stage and took the microphone:

"Music career is a long process, everybody falls and gets up, tests.
It is necessary to work and work, pulse should beat fast.
This year, Ephesus is as warm as Golden Fiddle, Hi! hell's bats.
Sparklers in the air! My rap show is not over yet. Thanks!

I gained two Stjarnblom draught beers and went to pitch my tent.
While I was giving beer to Faun, he hold my hand.
A Fake mistletoe appeared above us, something might happen this weekend.
In the future, when we are on different tours, I'm very curious about our end.

The mists cleared, sun appeared and I'm back in peace.
Faun deliberately poured beer on my T-shirt (Kissing Slits)
Baby! Never forget this Festival XX.
Ssh! I'll be the best diss you'll ever meet. Tix tix!"

We've reached the end of the Rap Battle, and a single brave warrior beat all of her opponents. Congratulations Şennur Atabaş!

We also thank our jury Cash Clements, Dawn Spencer-Longhurst and Jessie Worrell for all their help.

DaVinlys wins the festival!
Server time2/19/2021

In the final hour of the 20th Popmundo Festival DaVinlys took home the grand prize with a decisive victory! And if that wasn't enough, DaVinlys leading lady Ayça Brennan even managed to walk off the stage with a Popmundo Triad. Well played. Well played indeed.

We hope everyone enjoyed the slightly tweaked format of the 20th festival. Time will tell if the format will be altered completely for the next festival or if we'll keep it like it is for the foreseeable future.

Stay safe everyone and enjoy the weekend!

Two X's, just one winner!
Server time2/17/2021

The final round of the The Popmundo Festival XX is about to start in Izmir. Before this, we've had two amazing events and seen some wonderful contributions for slogans and logos. Unfortunately, there can only be one winner per class.

Winner of the logo contest is Enrique Ferreira de Medeiros.

Winner of the slogan contest is Erim Serin.

A big thanks to all who participated!

Cabin Fever Favorites
Server time2/16/2021

Are your characters also suffering from Cabin Fever? The lassitude, irritability, and similar symptoms resulting from long confinement or isolation indoors. If that's the case we've just launched a little credit product package with you in mind. We also added two returning packages for The Great Heist while we were at it.

Enjoy the week everyone!

The 20th Popmundo Festival Final Booked!
Server time2/8/2021

All contestants who made it through to the 20th Popmundo Festival Final have now been booked to play in Izmir. Please don't cancel your performance or you will forfeit your chance to win the festival.

Don't forget that this is the time to predict the winner of the festival for a chance to earn those Festival Nostradamus achievements. Even if you're not competing in the festival you can make your prediction if you visit the festival grounds.

Good luck and stay safe everyone!

Festival Update
Server time2/5/2021

The qualifying round of the 20th Popmundo Festival is nearly over. Click here to watch the event come to a close. The invitations to the final round in Izmir will be handed out on Monday after we've double checked the results and made sure all the contestants have stuck to the rules of the competition. Enjoy the weekend everyone!

The twentieth one has begun!
Server time2/3/2021

The qualifying round of the 20th Popmundo Festival begun today. Click here for more information. Don't hesitate to join the festivities and stop by the local festival grounds. Stay safe and best wishes to all contestants!

All right, it's that time of the year!
Server time2/1/2021

"The time of the year you've been anticipating for months is finally here.
If you're a festival head, then you already know the plan
Go and pack up all your things, 'cause you're going on a trip!"

The Popmundo Festival XX is almost upon us and so too is the final round in the beating heart of İzmir. But first, how about having some fun before the festival final start? We invite you to take part in our enjoyable community driven competitions!

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