The Whining Warriors


Releasing top selling records is an excellent way to climb high up in the artist rankings. In order to release a record you first have to record a couple of tracks and get a decent record contract with a record studio. You can work on two records at a time. Good luck!

Full Length Albums Release Review
TWW II 1550109/6/2020 50
TWW I 1518624/28/2020 50
Singles Release Review
Single VIII 15567610/4/2020 40
Single VII 1550119/6/2020 40
Single VI 1543628/10/2020 40
Single V 1536867/13/2020 40
Single IV 1530376/16/2020 40
Single III 1523735/19/2020 40
Single II 1516774/20/2020 40
Single I 1510283/24/2020 40