Releasing top selling records is an excellent way to climb high up in the artist rankings. In order to release a record you first have to record a couple of tracks and get a decent record contract with a record studio. You can work on two records at a time. Good luck!

Full Length Albums Release Review
Nepykite, fanai, neturiu laiko 12169211/18/2016 40
Singles Release Review
Mylėsiu muziką amžinai 1286789/5/2017 40
Negaliu tapti ne savimi 1276767/25/2017 40
Rytoj bus geriau (?) 1270066/27/2017 40
Pašokim? 12145911/8/2016 40
Baime, nusišypsok ir paskęsk! 1194388/16/2016 40
Naujas saldainis 1187627/19/2016 40
Baime, pašokim? 1181026/21/2016 40