Like to the Lark

Like to the Lark

Like to the Lark is one of the Local Talents of the music industry. Pursuing stardom since 8/7/2018 the artist is currently ranked as the #505 Blues act. The artist is considered to be from Seattle. This artist accepts invitations.

Blues #505 18,184,101.40 M$

Artist Buzz

The most recent music video by Like to the Lark is Crested, released on 7/12/2020.

Like to the Lark released the GOD SMACKINGLY GLORIOUS full length album Leave Me Last on 7/21/2020.

Message to the Fans

#1 New Artist in Seattle, 9/10/18
#41 Worldwide Blues, 1/22/20
1st song in radio chart: Lovely Argument
1st golden oldie: Truth Proves Thievish
1st GS show: Madrid 3/14/20
1st platinum single: Backward Look


L. Kent
Band Leader
Dancer / Lead Singer
Member since 6/29/2020