Solanum lycopersicum

Solanum lycopersicum

Solanum lycopersicum is one of the Stars of the music industry. Pursuing stardom since 5/22/2007 the artist is currently ranked as the #38 Classical act. The artist is considered to be from Copenhagen. This artist accepts invitations.

Classical #38 250,398,338.00 M$

Artist Buzz

This artist was eliminated in round 2 of the last Popopalooza!

Live performances include a earth shaking show at The Mega Dome in Rio de Janeiro which is rated as their best recent show.

The band is currently successful, with presence in 37 radio charts. Hjemkomstpels K MFM IV has the highest position, at number 27.

The most recent music video by Solanum lycopersicum is Hjemkomstpels K MFM IV, released on 12/28/2020.

Solanum lycopersicum released the mind melting single Julebuks on 12/29/2020.

Message to the Fans

Band history:

Solanum lycopersicum: Touring concert halls April 11th 2013-today.
Top rank 15th classical artist (May 10th 2018).

Bingo Dingo: Rocking the world May 22nd 2007-April 10th 2013.
Top rank 36th rock artist.


U. Krebs
Band Leader
Piano Player / Dancer